About project


We are pleased to announce that the Bialystok Functional Area Association has received funding for the implementation of the project Good energy as a key to the success of the Bialystok Functional Area subsidised under the Partnership Cities Initiative for Pilot Networks 2017 - 2019. The project is co-financed by the European Union under the Technical Assistance Operational Programme 2014-2020.

 Project objectives:

  1. shaping competencies at the local level through counselling and training for residents and BFA municipalities on how to reduce pollutant emissions by improving energy efficiency and installing RES.
  2. creation and strengthening of pro-environmental attitudes among children and young people by increasing knowledge and competencies on RES.

 Completion date:

1 April - 14 November 2021.

 Beneficiaries: inhabitants of the Białystok Functional Area, i.e. the following municipalities and cities: Białystok, Choroszcz, Czarna Białostocka, Dobrzyniewo Duże, Juchnowiec Kościelny, Łapy, Supraśl, Turośń Kościelna, Wasilków, Zabłudów.


  • Counselling and training for residents and local government units of the BFA,
  • Workshops for pupils
  • Competition for children and young people on the topic of RES.



Office of the Board of the Association of Bialystok Functional Area

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