Public consultation is one of the most essential elements in the development of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan. Public participation is intended at almost every stage of the plan development.

The first consultation, which aims to familiarise stakeholders and residents with the themes of the document and to learn about the needs and perceptions of participants, is planned even before the work starts.   As the idea behind SUMP is to create it for the residents and people who daily work or travel in the Bialystok Functional Area, it determines the wide and thorough participation of stakeholders in creating the plan.

The public consultation process will involve a large number of workshops with the participation of those concerned:

- Residents of the Białystok Functional Area, i.e. the municipalities of Białystok, Choroszcz, Czarna Białostocka, Dobrzyniewo Duże, Juchnowiec Kościelny, Łapy, Supraśl, Turośń Kościelna, Wasilków, Zabłudów,

- Stakeholders of the Białystok Functional Area, i.e. the employees of municipal offices, employees of enterprises, the representatives of municipal units related to spatial planning, transport and the representatives of schools, municipal activist groups or institutions representing specific social groups: seniors, youth, and representatives of persons with disabilities.

Both groups should be actively involved in developing the BFA’s SUMP at every stage, including workshop and consultation meetings.

More information and the  public participation plan for the creation of the SUMP BFA


The stakeholder consultation meeting of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan for the Białystok Functional Area until 2035, will be held on 14 July 2022 at 12:00 at the Social Activity Centre in Białystok, 3 Rocha Street.

The Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan emphasises public participation and cooperation of all interest groups in the course of the work. Your participation in this meeting is crucial for the further progress of the study.

The meeting will have a workshop format. As an introduction, the contractor, Via Vistula, will present the already gathered results of the research and observations. Then, participants will be invited to take part in an active discussion.

Meeting schedule:

- Introduction with the presentation of the contractor and the so far progress of work.

- Introduction to the discussion with the presentation of the meeting format and objectives

- Introduction to the topic of the meeting and the issues to be addressed

- Group discussion with the division of topics related to land use, mobility and public transport. Materials, such as notecards to write down proposals and ideas, markers, a flipchart, a map etc., will help participants engage and work together as a group.

- Free proposals on problems and needs for change in your municipality

- The summary of the meeting with conclusions

- The presentation of the final stages of the project according to the timetable

Any suggestions can also be sent to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


All inhabitants of the municipalities included in the Bialystok Functional Area are invited to a meeting concerning the Bialystok Functional Area Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan until 2035!

During the meetings, it will be possible to exchange insights on broadly understood mobility and transport problems in the BFA and individual municipalities.


The first initial consultation meeting with the residents of the Bialystok Functional Area will take place on 16 March 2022 at 18:00.

The meeting will have an online format on the MS Teams platform.


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